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eLawCounsel is for every actor

Acting Lessons from eLawCounsel

eLawCounsel’s lesson on acting. Step one: Learn how to act. Step two: Book the gig. Step three: Hire an elawcounsel attorney to review your talent contract. eLawCounsel is here to help your acting career and answer all your questions to make your acting journey a little easier.

eLawCounsel will enhance your acting career

eLawCounsel can’t teach you how to act but we can teach you about your talent agreement. Learning how to act should be your only focus. Learning your lines and getting into character is stressful enough, let an elawcounsel attorney take that extra acting stress away.

Great actors seek legal counsel

An eLawCounsel entertainment attorney can help actors by reviewing their talents agreements after they book the acting gig. Actors should worry about acting not decoding their talent contracts. eLawCounsel will review all your contracts for only $59.

Acting Tips from eLawCounsel

Actors need to protect themselves once they book the acting gig. An eLawCounsel entertainment attorney will review all your talent agreement. You will save time and money with eLawCounsel and will be able to focus on what is most important, your acting career.

The Business of Acting

Booking the acting gig is fantastic but having an attorney to review your talent agreements is imperative. Make sure your acting career is protected with eLawCounsel. Acting should be your only focus. Let eLawCounsel handle the business side of your acting career for a low set price.

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